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Forest Path

Coaching Pathways

It's up to you. Your level of comfort is paramount. Which coaching and connection option best suits your preferences. If you live near Portland, OR you can choose local pathways. If you are from farther away places, we zoooom. This is your time, you choose. 

Connect with me to discuss your pathway ~

Forest Path

Forest Park Walk

Often movement facilitates sharing. Nature can bring a true sense of calm. For this coaching choice we will choose a hike that best suits your comfort and do the coaching session while immersed in our wonderful Forest Park. 

Comfy Indoor Space

It's exactly what the title describes. We can meet for our coaching session in comfy chairs with hot tea or coffee and space to share. 

Blue Couch and End Table
Colorful Houses

Urban Hike/Neighborhood Stroll

Walking often promotes conversation. We can pick a route around the city streets to walk and talk. There are many cute neighborhoods to choose from too.


We can always meet virtually. You may live across the waters or prefer to meet from your own space. Meeting on the screens is always an option. 

Personal Computer
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