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Your Individualized Transformation Starts Here

What I Believe.....

I believe in you. I believe that within you lies the strengths, gifts and capacities to create the life you want.

Creativity, diversity, inclusion and innovation drive me. My advocacy for these principals is not just a belief, these are a calling. Daily I seek and encourage this within myself and together we will cultivate your inner transformation. Change that comes from within is lasting. Authentic confidence is within you. Let's overcome blocks and get to it.

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Here's me! 


I'm a contented woman with extensive experience working in diverse and deeply rewarding environments. I've been a special educator, consultant, advocate, and coach for a lot of years and have done work to transform myself in many ways. I'm a work in progress and feel pretty dang content with my 52 year-old self, thriving on a daily practice that includes dedication and joy. 

I've discovered my passion in coaching. With a combination of research based positive psychology strategies, along with deeply cultivated processes I will help you find your individualized path to transformation. 

I have a masters certification in positive psychology and am a trained  facilitator in person-centered and futures planning. I'm currently furthering my work by becoming a Certified Mastery Method Coach. (I'm a life long learner and a work in progress!)

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